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blue kite glimmered into life as a studio project in 1994, guided by the ever patient Richard Haines at the dungeon
blue kite played a secret gig at Oxford's legendary Zodiac in 1998, followed by the main stage at the Truck Festival in 2001
blue kite became a fully fledged live band with the enlistment of ace musicians Tim Turan and Kate Garret
blue kite and played a series of gigs from Autumn 2004 to Spring 2006, including the Oxford Punt
blue kite released the last of 4 studio CDs in 2006 - what happened next? Check out  "where are they now?"
or go to: moiety where the story continues...

blue kite

blue kite

blue kite

blue kite
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If you have half as much fun listening to our music as we've had making it, then we'll have had more fun than you.
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