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The moiety MySpace page.
Twitter ye not.
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Trudy - who used to sing with blue kite (and the anyways) emigrated to Southern Spain and is now helping people learn to fly... without an aeroplane. Also takes the odd award winning photograph...
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Rick - who played the drums for blue kite, and many many other bands in the London area. Emigrated to Sedan, France - where he runs a company giving guided tours of important historical military sites - there are many in the area.
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Liz, the original and mysterious singer for blue kite. Now earning a crust as an equally mysterious historian.
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Alan - who was always the main man in the blue kite engine room. Has re-invented himself as a top performer in the slam poetry arena. He is also widely published - for example follow the link to one of his more recent slim volumes.
Kate Garrett (R.I.P. 1972 - 2009) her musical career started in a school band with P.J. Harvey, then she was in the Mystics, who did the whole major label, touring the States thing. Then she had her own band - the KGB - who managed a busy international gig schedule. She wrote twilight songs blending otherworldy acoustics with left-field experimentalism. She was a consumate musician. She was also in blue kite.
Rich Haines (R.I.P. 1963 - 2009) was master of Dungeon Studios. He always gave you a nice warm analogue sound whether he was working with 24 track, or computer. Pretty much everything you hear on this website was recorded, engineered & mixed by Rich. Consumate musician. He also did some lovely playing & singing for blue kite.
WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Pete & Mark? Who?
They're in moiety of course.
Mr Turan is the master masterer. Worked with just about everyone from Marilyn Manson to Max Roach. Everything you hear on this website was mastered by Tim. Consumate musician. He was also in blue kite.
Klub Kakofanney - one of Oxfords longest established alternative live music clubs, top entertainment guarenteed
If you have made a CD and you want to sell it on-line, I really can't think of a better way of doing it. And, they'll get your CD digitised and put into iTunes, and a load of other places. And, if you sell anything, they pay you, no, really they do, with money!
'the relationships' - some of us used to be in some bands with some of them ... got it?
A long time ago, in a far off galaxy,
milky way, mars bar...
The Hi Lo Season - hear beautiful music - follow the link
Rotator - they run some rehearsal studios, sometimes recording studios, and sometimes they are a record label too. They even released a record with us on it once (OX CD).
Dean Ryan - did a particularly fine design job on the 1998 CD - 'aleatoric'
Oxford's free music paper. Not sure if they liked us, but we like them.
A brilliant resource for Oxford based bands - we like them, they don't seem to like us...
Guy Henstock -
photographer extraordinaire!
Martin Tompkins -
photographer extraordinaire!
A recording studio in Oxford, that also doubles as a rehearsal room. Jolly nice too.
an Oxford band who think they're
on the continent... we like them.
Cold Room rehearsal room in Oxford, and much else besides. Very nice.
Warehouse recording studio in Oxford, that also doubles as a rehearsal room. Very professional.
An Oxford based record label - been going for 10 years (incredible!), has released a shed load of stuff & digital downloads, and even released a record with us on it once.
The techno-boffins who designed and wrote this website.

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