TMRS Computing Ltd (UK)

Okay, okay already. You guessed it, the 'blue kite' website is the first (and ony) website I've ever built. I don't have 'DreamWeaver', I don't have Microsoft FrontPage. There isn't any embedded Macromedia Flash or Shockwave, no Quicktime or Acrobat. I don't know Java or JavaScript (but I know they're not related to each other). I don't know Visual Basic.

That's enough about what I don't know. I wrote all this in plain vanilla HTML. I used MS Notepad as my editor. That's right, I typed it all in by hand.

I guess the result is retro in a somewhat unfashionable way - but - I decided to concentrate on content rather than form. I hope you'll agree that the 'blue kite' website supplies more information, images and sounds than the average sane person could possibly require.

So if you want me to develop a website for you, try emailing 'blue kite' and they might, might, pass it on to me...

and remember, nobody ever lends money to a man with a sense of humour