The Port Mahon - Wednesday 28th Mar 2007


all about our gig at the Port Mahon, Oxford
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Wednesday 28th Mar 2007

click on the thumbnails to hear what moiety sound like live!!!

packet of dreams
words and music by P.Lock - copyright control 1998
Tony - tablas, percussion
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar
wish away
words and music by M.Price - copyright control 1993
Tony - congas, percussion
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar
only your dreams
words and music by A.Buckley - copyright control 1998
Tony - darbouka
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar

Okay - so the sound quality isn't up to much - but you get some idea of what you missed...
(unless you were there, of course) ...turn up the volume.

and here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"What's the big idea, Ellsworth?" snapped Clokey.
"Why, it's simple Lance. When the fact that one is a total nonetity who's done nothing more outstanding than eating, sleeping, and chatting with neighbors becomes a fact worthy of pride, of announcement to the world and of diligent study by millions of readers (or T.V. viewers) - the fact that one has built a cathedral becomes unrecordable and unannouncable. A matter of perspective and relativity. The distance permissible between the extremes of any particular capacity is limited. The sound perception of an ant does not include thunder".
The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand (1943)