The Wheatsheaf - Saturday 31st Mar 2007


all about our gig at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford
Klub Kakofanny
Saturday 31st Mar 2007

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Tony on stage at the wheatsheaf

Mark on stage at the wheatsheaf

Pete on stage at the wheatsheaf

The 'official' Klub-Kak photo

Many thanks to Liz for letting us use her photos

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"Jim played back Hamilton's words, his sentence. He wanted to tell himself that rock and roll had been counted out before and had always come back. Of course it would again. But as what? In his gloom Jim reckoned that if rock had finally kicked the bucket it was the fault of him and his co-workers. They grabbed all the fruit and did not water the tree. They had been passed this music in trust, and they'd taken bad care of it".
"A & R" - Bill Flanagan (2000)