The Purple Turtle - Wednesday 28th Nov 2007


all about our gig at the Purple Turtle, Oxford
Wednesday 28th Nov 2007

click on the thumbnails to hear what moiety sound like live!!!

arc weld
words by A.Buckley, music by M.Price & A.Buckley - copyright control 1998
Tony - percussion
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar
city fathers
words & music by P.Lock - copyright control 2007
Tony - harmonica, percussion
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar

Okay - so the sound quality isn't up to much - but you get some idea of what you missed...
(unless you were there, of course) ...turn up the volume.

and here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"It is, nevertheless, a prospect of much charm that I unfold for you - long tranquilities during which you will observe a sunset as men in the outer world observe a striking clock, and with far less care. The years will come and go, and you will pass from fleshly enjoyments into austere but no less satisfying realms; you may lose the keeness of muscle and appetite, but there will be gain to match your loss; you will achieve calmness and profundity, ripeness and wisdom, and the clear enchantment of memory. And, most precious of all, you will have Time - that rare and lovely gift that your Western countries have lost the more that they have pursued it".
"Lost Horizon" - James Hilton (1933)