klub kakofanny - Friday 7th March 2008


all about our gig at klub kakofanny - the wheatsheaf, Oxford - Friday 7th March 2008

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Tony on stage at the wheatsheaf

Mark on stage at the wheatsheaf

Pete on stage at the wheatsheaf

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"But the walls of Joel's room were too thick for Amy's voice to penetrate. Now for a long time he'd been unable to find the far-away room; it had always been difficult, but never so hard as in the last year. So it was good to see his friends again. They were all here, including Mr Mystery, who wore a crimson cape, a plumed Spanish hat, a glittery monocle, and had all his teeth made of solid gold: an elegant gentleman, though given to talking tough through the side of his mouth, and an artist, a great magician."
Other voices, other rooms - Truman Capote (1948)