The Bullingdon - Saturday 11th October 2008


all about our reunion gig at The Bullingdon, Oxford - Saturday 11th October 2008
moiety, blue kite, the relationships, les clochards, KGB, the anyways, here comes everbody

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Ladies and gentlemen ... MR MARK PRICE !!!

presenting, in order of appearance:

Tony Davison

Pete Lock
vocals, guitar

Mark Price

Kate Garrett
vocals, flute

Karen Cleave
electric & acoustic accordian

Tim Turan

Alan Buckley

Karen, Mark & Kate

Richard Ramage
vocals, guitar

back on the throne, 14 years after abdication

many thanks to the all the other bands:

Kate Garrett Band
Kate Garrett - vocals, guitar, harmonium
Barney Morse-Brown - cello, guitar, vocals

Les Clochards
Ian Nixon - vocals, guitar
Corrinne Mateo - vocals, percussion
Gary Neville - drums
Peter Momtchilof - guitar
Dean Ryan - bass
Karen Cleave - accordian

The Relationships
Angus Stevenson - guitars
Richard Ramage - vocals, guitars
Tim Turan - drums
Andy Smith - bass, vocals

Ady Davey
compere beyond compare

don't forget the merchandise:

we must have released about 30 CDs between us

Levitate the Pentagon
Compilation CD
Here Comes Everybody, Razorcuts
the anyways, Borgnine
Lucky and the Losers, blue kite
The Relationships, Les Clochards
Easy Tiger - and many more
find out more - here comes everybody
the actual family tree
Here Comes Everybody, Razorcuts
Talulah Gosh!, Heavenly
the anyways, Borgnine
Lucky and the Losers, blue kite
The Relationships, Les Clochards
they're all in there somewhere

in the words of the bonzos, lets make up and be friendly

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"Kit smoothed her gown at the hips and said: 'When I was young - '
'How young?'
'Before I was twenty, I mean, I used to think life was a thing that kept gaining impetus. It would get richer and deeper each year. You kept learning more, getting wiser, having more insight, going further into the truth - ' She hesitated.
Port laughed abruptly. 'And now you know it's not like that. Right? It's more like smoking a cigarette. The first few puffs it tastes wonderful, and you don't even think of its ever being used up. Then you begin taking it for granted. Suddenly you realise it's nearly burned down to the end. And that's when you're conscious of the bitter taste."
"The Sheltering Sky" - Paul Bowles (1949)