Baby Simple - Wednesday 22nd April 2009


all about our gig at Baby Simple, Oxford - Wednesday 22nd April 2009

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Tony on stage at Baby Simple

Mark on stage at Baby Simple

Pete on stage at Baby Simple

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"Surely little remained of the Puritan legacy of prudish rectitude, he thought: surely this was now a country of excess, gluttony, lust, and sloth; surely this had grown into a land where obesity reigned and even the poor moved ponderously down the street on big thighs that rubbed fatly together. What had become of the Pilgrims' gaunt and stingy oversight? He knew in part it was the visionary genius of enterprising men, but the entrepreneurs were only the tools of a hungry culture. For the descendants of those gray upright pioneers had cherished cravings for beef patties with ketchup, deep fried chicken and vats of ice cream, chemically scented and dyed with all the colors of the rainbow, and billions upon billions of gallons of soda. Their thirst had never been quite slaked and so they never finished drinking; and this was the market it in all its streamlined functionality - which, precisely where the supply and demand curves crossed, had swiftly produced a nation of paralyzed giants, fallen across their couches much as soldiers on the field of battle, their arteries hard, their softened hearts failing."
How The Dead Dream - Lydia Millet (2008)