Upstairs at the Wheatsheaf - Friday 1st May 2009


all about our gig Upstairs at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford
Friday 1st May 2009

click on the thumbnails to hear what moiety sound like live!!!

arc weld
words by A.Buckley, music by M.Price & A.Buckley - copyright control 1998
Tony - percussion
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar
some kind of beautiful nothing
words by R.Ramage, music by R.Ramge/moiety - copyright control 2009
Tony - percussion
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar
Okay - so the sound quality isn't up to much - but you get some idea of what you missed...
(unless you were there, of course) ...turn up the volume.

click on the images to see the big pictures

The 'official' Klub-Kak photo - 1

The 'official' Klub-Kak photo - 2

and here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"A dozen years after the end of the Cold War, America still possesses 6,000 nuclear weapons. The price for this arsenal is nearly $6 trillion, about one tenth of all fedral expenditures from 1940 to 1996... an explosive force equivalent to 40,000 Hiroshima bombs. Russia has a similar force. It is very hard to imagine any plausible contingency that requires this kind of capability. After destroying all conceivable military targets, the remaining weapons of just these two countries could obliterate thousands of cities with populations of 100,000 people; there are fewer than 500 such cities in both countries."

"Pandora's Keepers" - Brain VanDeMark (2003)