back room at the Bullingdon Arms - Thursday 21st May 2009


all about our gig at the Bulingdon Arms, Oxford
Thursday 21st May 2009

click on the thumbnails to hear what moiety sound like live!!!

daydream believer
words by J.Stewart, music by moiety - copyright control 2009
Tony - tablas
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar
words & music by P.Lock - copyright control 2009
Tony - harmonica & tablas
Pete - vocals, guitar
Mark - lead guitar

Okay - so the sound quality isn't up to much - but you get some idea of what you missed...
(unless you were there, of course) ...turn up the volume.

and here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"He said, 'Is it word processing that you want to do?'
I gather this is the term used now to denote what was known in our day as 'writing', and I told him that this would account for ten percent at most of my proposed activity, since I would use the machine primarily for reading, an archaic habit the correct name of which I didn't know, unfortunately, in the jargon of the 'new technology'; and so Ali had to call for some higher assistance. A young lady whose badge named her as Mrs J.Campbell, and whose outfit and demeanour marked her as Ali's superior, was able to act as a kind of interpreter. Eventually after I gave her an account of my fruitful and tantalizing session in the library, she agreed with Ali that 'web browsing' was my chosen aim."

"MR Mee" - Andrew Crumey (2000)