The Jericho Tavern - Saturday 19th Dec 2009


all about our gig at the 'Winter Warmer'- Jericho Tavern, Oxford
- Saturday 19th Dec 2009

Sadly, as yet no photos, recordings or videos of this gig exist, but Deborah, Mark, Pete, Mark, & Tony played their hearts out.
Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"I felt the thing in itself surge up inside, and I blasted by Johnny like he was standing still. I continued to pour it on, running up the crest of our biggest hill where the sun was there to greet me as it peeked out from the eastern horizon.
My legs, my lungs were burning like liquid fire but it didn't hurt. I was beyond the realm of pain. It's alright there, all you got to do is take it. I was plugged in again. I could feel that boom boom churning. The sun at the top of the hill it said, "Angel, go out and get you some. Go out and show them something!"
I'm thinking this is going to be a really fine comeback. This time I'm going all the way. This time I'm gonna become what you call a regular household name. Hey!"
Dynamite Hands - Thom Jones (1995 - collected short stories "Cold Snap")