The Wheatsheaf - Friday 2nd June 2010


all about our gig at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford
Klub Kakofanny
Friday 2nd April 2010

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The 'official' Klub-Kak photo - 1

The 'official' Klub-Kak photo - 2

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"Such a rich chapter it had been, when one came to look back on it all! With illustrations so numerous and so highly coloured! The pageant of the river bank had marched steadily along, unfolding itself in scene pictures that suceeded each other in stately procession. Purple loosestrife arrived early, shaking luxuriant tangled locks along the edge of the mirror whence its own face laughed back at it. Willow-herb, tender and wistful, like a pink sunset cloud, was not slow to follow. Comfrey, the purple hand-in-hand with the white, crept forth to take its place in the line; and at last one morning the diffident and delaying dog-rose stepped delicately onto the stage, and one knew, as if string music had announced it in stately chords that strayed into a gavotte, that June at last was here".
The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame (1908)