moiety - Club Moshka - Wednesday 29th June 2011


all about our gig in at the Wheatsheaf, Oxford
moiety - Club Moshka - Wednesday 29th June 2011

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Mark P. waiting for the soundcheck

Mark B. tuning up

Tony on stage at the Club Moshka

you're such a lovely audience...

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"In the end the loan was for about $3.75 billion (about $41 billion in today's money), less than the $5 billion originally asked for, at 2% interest to be repaid over fifty years. There were also conditions: Britain had to open up imperial markets, and also abolish exchange controls and make the pound sterling convertible within a year of the first payments on the loan... The repayment period was to begin on December 31st 1946, which means that it would have closed at the end of 1996. In fact the period was later extended by ten years, so the final payment was made on December 31st 2006.".
Picking up the reins - Norman Moss (2008)
...discussing the loan that Britain had to take from the USA in 1946 to pay for "winning" World War Two.