moiety - The Isis Tavern - Sunday 6th November 2011


all about our gig at The Isis Tavern
Sunday 6th November 2011
A fund raiser for the Mike Woodin Trust
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the moiety light-show onstage at The Isis Tavern

Deborah, Tony and Mark P. onstage at The Isis Tavern

Tony onstage at The Isis Tavern

Mark B. onstage at The Isis Tavern

Pete and Tony onstage at The Isis Tavern

Deborah onstage at The Isis Tavern

moiety onstage at The Isis Tavern

leaving by electric launch, there's no road access to The Isis Tavern

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"I am a little wiser, I think, and if others shared my perspicacity they might also be wiser. Mussolini did excellent work - this you cannot deny - in bringing the business of government into disrepute. This was desirable because popular education has been accompanied by, if it has not deliberately promoted, a growth of superstitious faith in government. The people have come to believe that government can procure for them, not merely prosperity, but happiness. Side by side with this nonsensical delusion there has marched the increasing professionalism of government. Many astute people have seen the business of government as a business indeed, and therefore, into the council chambers of the world, there has come a great deal of rascality. Now Mussolini, with real genius, peceived this tendancy and pushed it to its logical extreme: he created a government that was frankly criminal, and then - for universal enlightenment - or so I think, for I believe the man to have been misunderstood - he led it by a route congenial to criminals, a route congenial, that is, to certain elements in every government upon earth, to a destined and complete disaster. And for that disaster, of course, we ourselves are fundamentally to blame, because our ridiculous credulity let us repose in his government all the faith a savage African has in his wooden idol, and with as much reason."
Private Angelo - Eric Linklater (1946)