No. 1 Folly Bridge, Oxford - Friday 8th November 2013


all about our gig at No. 1 Folly Bridge, Oxford
- Friday 8th November 2013
a benefit gig for the Mike Woodin Green Trust

Sadly, as yet no photos, recordings or videos of this gig exist, but Deborah, Mark P, Mark B, Mark D & Pete played their hearts out.

here's a story the local press
wrote about the gig
here's the flyer that
advertised the gig

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"There were youths standing outside the cinema. They went to the cinema twice a week, and on other days they stood outside it. They were hanging around. What were they hanging around for? They were hanging around waiting for life to begin, and the life they were waiting for didn't begin. Life didn't turn up for them outside the cinema, or if it did come, and it was standing next to them, they didn't see it, and the people they could see, that they later ended up sharing their lives with, they weren't the ones they were hoping to see. If they'd known it was only going to be them, they wouldn't have bothered standing around waiting. The boys were waiting in a group on their own. Boredom was in them like a disease, and you could already see in their faces it would be the death of them. The girls were off on their own. They were less afflicted by boredom than the boys. They were fidgety, and they hid it by putting their heads together and gossiping and teasing each other. The young men were looking at the film stills for the hundredth time. They saw the actor sitting in the bathtub. They saw him wearing women's clothing. What was he playing at? A queer? They yawned. Their mouths became a round hole, the entrance to a tunnel where emptiness came and went. They stuck cigarettes in the hole to tamp the emptiness, they pressed their lips around the tobacco, and they looked mean and self-important. They might become MPs one day; but probably the army would get them first.".
The Hothouse - Wolfgang Koeppen (1953)