Harcourt Arms - Saturday 21st November 2015


all about our gig at the Harcourt Arms
- Wednesday 21st November 2015

Sadly, as yet no photos, recordings or videos of this gig exist, but Deborah, Mark P, Mark D, & Pete played their hearts out.
Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"People's need for a neutral place to meet and chat is as old as the earth. Recluses have always been oddities and always will. Besides, solitude and company are not entirely irreconcilable. It would seem that there are people who are capable of thought and intellectual activity only amidst the hustle and bustle and against the changing background of the busy street, and there are those who can walk through the noisiest crowds totally absorbed in their own thoughts. There are those who can sit, day in, day out, in the same talkative company without ever uttering a word about their private life and thus lead the life of recluses in the midst of society. There are people who can stand for hours on street corners, mournfully observing humanity pass by in it's droves, and there are those who can spend whole evenings in cafes without making contact with anyone or uttering a single coherent sentence. Recluses assume different shapes, but are not the theme of my reflection today. My point in mentioning them was to demonstrate that even recluses need company. They may not want to be the focus of society's attention but they like to live on it's fringes or at least be able to observe it".
The Cafe - a 'fejeton' published in the Vienna Tribuna - Milena Jesenska (1922)