No.1 The Folly - Friday 18th March 2016


all about our gig at No.1 The Folly
- Friday 18th March 2016

We raised some money for the Mike Woodin Green Trust, and we celebrated Pete's 60th birthday.

Many thanks to the many people who took the stage with us:

Alan Buckley - compere, bass. Deborah Glass-Woodin - voice. Karen Cleave - accordion. Mark Bosley - bass. Mark Doffman - drums. Mark Price - guitars. Pete Lock - voice, guitar, drums. Richard Ramage - voice, guitar. Tony Davison - percussion. Trudy Aspinwall - voice.

Here's a quote from our book of the month to give you sustenance:

"She had told herself many times that marriage could not be for her. Or children. She saw them coming into the world every day, selfish and lonely and powerful; she watched as they devoured those around them, and then witnessed the slow sapping of their strength as the world showed itself to be far poorer than it had once promised to be".
The Good Muslim - Tahmima Anam (2011)